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NEVER LET ME GO (Japanese Literature Challenge 4)

First thing I thought when I finished reading it was ‘Gosh, what a sad book!’. I was painstakingly reading it for two weeks, dying to know how it ended, but still didn’t want to finish the story, what a beautiful story! But sad, so sad!!

It’d been two pleasant weeks, with Ruth, Kath, Tommy, and their story, their sad and…  I hadn’t read any reviews before, and that was good, cause there were so many points of view about this book, so contradictory, and I know I’ve lost my ability to write beautifully about a book, or a movie, but I’m not sure I even had it, this ability, I mean; I just read what other people write, and then I realize, yeah, I could have said this too, and maybe even better!

I bought the book from a second-hand bookshop here, in Dubai. There was a small and cosy shop just close to the post office, and you could also bring the books back, and you got 50% of its value, if the book was returned in good conditions. Well, I don’t know about the others, but if I buy a book, even a second-hand one, it’s mine! That day I chose Ishiguro, just because I wanted to see if other Japanese novelists are as good as Murakami.

I started reading it a few times. After ten, maybe twenty pages, I would give it up. I couldn’t get what was it with the story of the carers, or the donors, I couldn’t follow Kath’s story, I felt there was too much familiarity between us. Much too soon! The story was too shallow, apparently, the details would slip between my fingers, or they weren’t even there. But, at the end of the day, it was this familiarity, this simple story, the ups and downs, the childish quarrels of the three that finally got me, and turned this novel into a beautiful surprise.

It never crossed my mind that they could have hidden, that they could have never gone back there.  And I think it was because I was one of them, once being told the story, I was like them, Kath would talk to me like I was one of the Hailsham graduates, oh, yes, I remember Madame…


  1. decembrie 30, 2010 la 8:04 pm

    I have heard praises for this book and it’s on my list. Your comments make me even more curious!

    Book Bird Dog

  2. ritasophie
    decembrie 30, 2010 la 10:29 pm

    🙂 I’m happy, than! I loved the book, I’m really curious to see the movie! Let me know how you like it! Cheers from Dubai!

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